Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's time to turn ONE

So I've been trying to catch up and write my posts in order, but as I sit here an hour and a half away from my babies first birthday I'm overcome with so many emotions. Tonight I was wrapping presents and putting toys together and just started remembering how a year ago I was in the hospital wondering when I was going to have my baby (and really still thinking labor wasn't that bad. Lets be serious LABOR hadn't really started!) I still can not believe, or don't want to believe, that Micah is turning one. Where did the year go? How did time pass so quickly? Where did my little baby go?
The year- it passed way to quickly. Days started, and days ended. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. Before I knew it Micah was crawling, talking, walking, getting teeth and finding his personality.

Time passed quickly- because we were living life, but enjoying every minute. Bath time, the zoo, aquarium, trips to New Hampshire, California, and so much more. Time passes quickly when you're having fun and let me tell you this year has been full of fun and excitement.
My little baby- he's grown into a little man. He's funny, sweet, caring, crazy, wild and absolutely PERFECT!!

 While I'm not ready for Micah to turn one (or really grow at all) I've loved watching him accomplish some many things. He's so proud of himself and we encourage everything he does (even what some others might find small or trivial). I'm excited to see what he learns next, and to see what kind of person he becomes. He will always be my baby, but already he has times where he wants to be independent, and I'm NOT ok with that!!! (really I am....I just want him to always want me).

Thank you Micah for coming into the world. You truly are the BEST thing that I have ever done. A year ago (almost) my life became complete, because you entered it. While somethings have been trying this year, I wouldn't trade a sleepless night, a moment of worry or frustration, or any second of the last year for ANYTHING!!!!

Happy Birthday Micah Jace!

"I'll love you forever
         I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
         My baby you'll be!"

Monday, April 11, 2011

What would I have done without Erin?!

For anyone who knows my sister and I, you have known us to always have a love/hate relationship (as most siblings do).  So it may come as a shock when I say "Thank you Erin, and I love you for being there for me, Chuck and Micah whenever you are needed.  You are a great Aunt!!"

Erin and my dad arrived hours after we got home from the hospital.  The plan was that they were going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Virginia Beach that night, but then Erin was going to come stay with us, she said that she wanted to do nighttime with Micah and let Chuck and I sleep, but I couldn't understand how she thought that was going to happen, I wasn't going to let ANYONE take care of my baby.

Our first night went well. Micah slept great (I was waking up every 4 hrs to feed him...and he was still asleep), and while I slept, I didn't at the same time.  I watch him breath, stared at his face, and just sat their in awe of it all.  He was the perfect baby.  He only cried when he was really hungry or really tired...he was PERFECT!

The next day, Erin and my dad came back over.  I enjoyed visiting with them and having them spend time with Micah.  We ended up going to visit with some of my family and it was great to show off Micah.  As we were leaving my aunts, I was told to let Erin help me, and if she wanted to get up at night let her.  I was reminded that she was only here for a few days, and I should take the help while I had it available.

That night, I said OK!   I was going to let Erin do the nighttime feedings.  She of course was wonderful. She listen to all my neurosis...I mean she wasn't me so I had to tell her exactly how to do it all, right?  I went to bed that night not sure if I could really do it.  He wasn't a week old yet and already someone else was taking care of him.  Like clock work, I woke up every 4 hours, I would peek in and she'd tell me how much he had eaten, diaper changes and everything.  She let me be crazy and over protective.

For the next couple nights, I let Erin do all she wanted with Micah.  Chuck and I were able to get some sleep, and by the time Erin and my dad had to leave, I felt great.  BUT, I didn't want them to go.  I had enjoyed them being with me, and now I was on my own.

I am truly blessed and thankful for all Erin has done for and with Micah.  They already have such a wonderful relationship and such a strong bond.  His face lights up whenever he sees her or hears her voice. He loves her and you can tell just by the way he looks at her.  While I don't always enjoy the high pitch squeals she teaches him, I couldn't ask for a better Aunt for my son.  To this day when she visits, she sleeps in his room and WANTS nighttime duty, and even though she is on vacation (you know the thing you go on to relax), she wants to spend her time with him.

I've joked many times, but I think it's true....he is the #1 man in her life, and he's happy to have to role (and I don't think he'll give it up to ANYONE!) Auntie, Micah J loves you  (Erin thank you for all you do for him!)

Bringing Home Baby

After spending days in the hospital it was finally time to head home. Yes, I said HOME. It was admitted on Monday morning and by Friday afternoon I was finally FREE!!!! To this day I don't know how I did it, but I climbed in the back of our 2 door Civic and sat next to Micah the whole way home (now just a recap...I had a c-section and thought this was a good idea), well needless to say getting out to a bit of work but I made it.

That trip home was the scariest, most exhilarating trip of my life. Every car that passed made me cringe and as we got closer to home, I kept thinking finally. It didn't help that I knew my dad and Erin would be getting to my house just hours after we got home.  I was so excited to show off my baby to my family, and I knew they were excited to meet him.  At the same time I knew how hard this was going to be without my mom there....but that is sometimes how life goes (and a whole other post all on its own!)

Upon arriving home I was overcome as we walked in the door, just us three for the first time.  It really is a feeling that you can't explain unless you've experienced it yourself. There are so many emotions that run through you.  Happy, scared, excited, nervous, relieved, anxious, energetic & tired...all at the same time!!!   We had just a few guests once we got home, and I of course changed Micah into some cute pjs (ok, let me be serious. I was told I was having jumbo baby so I bought a 0-3 month outfit to wear home.  Well, I had peanut baby so he was SWIMMING in it.  Needless to say he was wearing newborn clothes, so yes I had to change him into something that fit.) 

While waiting for my dad and Erin, Chuck and I enjoyed our first moments home together.  We feed him, burped and changed diapers.  I was on cloud nine (I think Chuck could have done without the diapers!!)  Then I got the phone call "we're here!"  I jumped up (as fast as someone who just had a c-section could) and waited...here they came.  Now, for you who don't know me, my dad NEVER had boys....he was the lucky father to 3 girls and a beautiful granddaughter, Micah was the first boy!!  My dad finally had his fishing buddy, and they were friends from the start.  

My first couple hours at home were going great....and they were only getting better!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pictures of the most handsome boy in the world....

Our first days together...
The hospital was full of busy days and crazy nights.  Micah was a good baby, he slept through the night and loved to snuggle.  My world was finally the way it should be.

True love at first snuggle

After 9 months and 24+ hours of labor I was ready for my sweet, handsome little boy to be put in my arms. HOWEVER do you think it was that easy....no! After a c-section you go to recovery for about an hour. Well after my c-section my blood pressure was high and I spiked a fever. When I got to my room I was ready for Micah to be brought to me, and to finally get to hold my baby. Well, because of my fever that was a big, fat NO! Chuck unfortunately had to give me the news, I was so upset all I could do was cry. I had waited so long to hold him, and now he was here and I couldn't even see him.

I know everyone thinks that they have the best husband, but my husband takes that award hands down. We asked the nurse how often she would take my temp and she said every hour, we asked if she could do it every 20-30 minutes and we were told "well the doctor didn't put that in the notes, so we'll see". At this point it was time for Micah to eat so I sent Chuck upstairs to feed him. The mommy and baby nurse assigned to us asked how I was doing and Chuck told her about my temp and what the nurse said. This wonderful women called straight down and said they needed to take my temp, well it was NORMAL!!! All of a sudden in comes the nurse, Chuck and MICAH!! As soon as Chuck heard my temp had gone down he asked the nurses to get Micah ready to go see his mommy!

I had Micah at 8:14 pm and at 2 am Micah and mommy got to snuggle for the very first time! Life was finally complete...Mommy, Daddy & Micah were all together
 Our first picture together

My handsome boy 


Friday, April 1, 2011

Gotta love the cat!

****This post is at the request of my husband****

When Chuck and I got married, I became the proud co-owner of his Siamese cat, Ocean. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a big animal person. While I don't mind them at other peoples houses, I prefer to have NO animals in my house. So let me just share this has always been a sore subject between the two of us.

From the moment the test said "pregnant" I was concerned about the cat and a baby. Ocean is a cat that has to warm up to you, wants attention only when he asks for it, and talks ALL the time. He had always been good around Chucks nieces, and my friends baby...but how would he be with a baby all the time?

At night I was Oceans perch, he would stand on my back when I would try to go to bed and would sleep between my legs. It was amazing how intuitive an animal can be, right from the beginning Ocean was protective of me. Before I even went to the doctors he had stopped standing on me, he REFUSED to jump over my lap (he would jump off the couch and walk to the other side and jump back up, I SWEAR!). He knew that something was going on!

The funniest thing was that at night. I was of course tired, and trying to get enough sleep that I had fallen into a nightly routine. I would brush my teeth, put on my pajamas, and then crawl into bed to read or watch a little tv and fall asleep. This could usually all be done by 9 (10 at the latest). Well Ocean also got used to my routine, and if by 9:30 I hadn't made my way into the bedroom he would stand in the doorway and yowl at me. Now I don't mean one little yowl, he would yowl until I got into bed and then he would lay down next to me.

As it got closer to my due date, Ocean became protective. If I was gone to long he would have to come check me out as soon as I got home, and he HATED if anyone but Chuck touched my belly or came to close. He also began sleeping in the nursery. He continued to be this way after we first brought Micah home (he was our little watch cat). Chuck was very good about doing research to help Ocean transition into having a baby in the house. We also set things up early so he could check them out and learn not to go into them (although he NEVER got in the crib and trust me if he wanted to he could have) and we also got baby wash and lotion so he could get accustomed to the smell.

Slowly Ocean lost interest in Micah, he was no longer new and didn't do anything....he couldn't roll, walk, and rarely did he make a lot of noise (he was never a big crier). Then Micah got older and Micah found interest in Ocean. It is so funny now to watch them because Ocean wants Micah's toys and Micah wants Ocean's toys. They fight over the windows, whose going to get attention and if you could only see Micah chase after Ocean!

While I am not an animal person, our family & life would not be the same without this little fur ball. He helps relieve my husbands stress, keeps Micah entertained, and how many people can say that they have a cat who would tell them it was time for bed. So I just gotta love the cat.....