Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's time to turn ONE

So I've been trying to catch up and write my posts in order, but as I sit here an hour and a half away from my babies first birthday I'm overcome with so many emotions. Tonight I was wrapping presents and putting toys together and just started remembering how a year ago I was in the hospital wondering when I was going to have my baby (and really still thinking labor wasn't that bad. Lets be serious LABOR hadn't really started!) I still can not believe, or don't want to believe, that Micah is turning one. Where did the year go? How did time pass so quickly? Where did my little baby go?
The year- it passed way to quickly. Days started, and days ended. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. Before I knew it Micah was crawling, talking, walking, getting teeth and finding his personality.

Time passed quickly- because we were living life, but enjoying every minute. Bath time, the zoo, aquarium, trips to New Hampshire, California, and so much more. Time passes quickly when you're having fun and let me tell you this year has been full of fun and excitement.
My little baby- he's grown into a little man. He's funny, sweet, caring, crazy, wild and absolutely PERFECT!!

 While I'm not ready for Micah to turn one (or really grow at all) I've loved watching him accomplish some many things. He's so proud of himself and we encourage everything he does (even what some others might find small or trivial). I'm excited to see what he learns next, and to see what kind of person he becomes. He will always be my baby, but already he has times where he wants to be independent, and I'm NOT ok with that!!! (really I am....I just want him to always want me).

Thank you Micah for coming into the world. You truly are the BEST thing that I have ever done. A year ago (almost) my life became complete, because you entered it. While somethings have been trying this year, I wouldn't trade a sleepless night, a moment of worry or frustration, or any second of the last year for ANYTHING!!!!

Happy Birthday Micah Jace!

"I'll love you forever
         I'll like you for always,
As long as I'm living,
         My baby you'll be!"

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