Friday, April 1, 2011

Gotta love the cat!

****This post is at the request of my husband****

When Chuck and I got married, I became the proud co-owner of his Siamese cat, Ocean. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a big animal person. While I don't mind them at other peoples houses, I prefer to have NO animals in my house. So let me just share this has always been a sore subject between the two of us.

From the moment the test said "pregnant" I was concerned about the cat and a baby. Ocean is a cat that has to warm up to you, wants attention only when he asks for it, and talks ALL the time. He had always been good around Chucks nieces, and my friends baby...but how would he be with a baby all the time?

At night I was Oceans perch, he would stand on my back when I would try to go to bed and would sleep between my legs. It was amazing how intuitive an animal can be, right from the beginning Ocean was protective of me. Before I even went to the doctors he had stopped standing on me, he REFUSED to jump over my lap (he would jump off the couch and walk to the other side and jump back up, I SWEAR!). He knew that something was going on!

The funniest thing was that at night. I was of course tired, and trying to get enough sleep that I had fallen into a nightly routine. I would brush my teeth, put on my pajamas, and then crawl into bed to read or watch a little tv and fall asleep. This could usually all be done by 9 (10 at the latest). Well Ocean also got used to my routine, and if by 9:30 I hadn't made my way into the bedroom he would stand in the doorway and yowl at me. Now I don't mean one little yowl, he would yowl until I got into bed and then he would lay down next to me.

As it got closer to my due date, Ocean became protective. If I was gone to long he would have to come check me out as soon as I got home, and he HATED if anyone but Chuck touched my belly or came to close. He also began sleeping in the nursery. He continued to be this way after we first brought Micah home (he was our little watch cat). Chuck was very good about doing research to help Ocean transition into having a baby in the house. We also set things up early so he could check them out and learn not to go into them (although he NEVER got in the crib and trust me if he wanted to he could have) and we also got baby wash and lotion so he could get accustomed to the smell.

Slowly Ocean lost interest in Micah, he was no longer new and didn't do anything....he couldn't roll, walk, and rarely did he make a lot of noise (he was never a big crier). Then Micah got older and Micah found interest in Ocean. It is so funny now to watch them because Ocean wants Micah's toys and Micah wants Ocean's toys. They fight over the windows, whose going to get attention and if you could only see Micah chase after Ocean!

While I am not an animal person, our family & life would not be the same without this little fur ball. He helps relieve my husbands stress, keeps Micah entertained, and how many people can say that they have a cat who would tell them it was time for bed. So I just gotta love the cat.....

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