Monday, April 11, 2011

What would I have done without Erin?!

For anyone who knows my sister and I, you have known us to always have a love/hate relationship (as most siblings do).  So it may come as a shock when I say "Thank you Erin, and I love you for being there for me, Chuck and Micah whenever you are needed.  You are a great Aunt!!"

Erin and my dad arrived hours after we got home from the hospital.  The plan was that they were going to stay with my Aunt and Uncle in Virginia Beach that night, but then Erin was going to come stay with us, she said that she wanted to do nighttime with Micah and let Chuck and I sleep, but I couldn't understand how she thought that was going to happen, I wasn't going to let ANYONE take care of my baby.

Our first night went well. Micah slept great (I was waking up every 4 hrs to feed him...and he was still asleep), and while I slept, I didn't at the same time.  I watch him breath, stared at his face, and just sat their in awe of it all.  He was the perfect baby.  He only cried when he was really hungry or really tired...he was PERFECT!

The next day, Erin and my dad came back over.  I enjoyed visiting with them and having them spend time with Micah.  We ended up going to visit with some of my family and it was great to show off Micah.  As we were leaving my aunts, I was told to let Erin help me, and if she wanted to get up at night let her.  I was reminded that she was only here for a few days, and I should take the help while I had it available.

That night, I said OK!   I was going to let Erin do the nighttime feedings.  She of course was wonderful. She listen to all my neurosis...I mean she wasn't me so I had to tell her exactly how to do it all, right?  I went to bed that night not sure if I could really do it.  He wasn't a week old yet and already someone else was taking care of him.  Like clock work, I woke up every 4 hours, I would peek in and she'd tell me how much he had eaten, diaper changes and everything.  She let me be crazy and over protective.

For the next couple nights, I let Erin do all she wanted with Micah.  Chuck and I were able to get some sleep, and by the time Erin and my dad had to leave, I felt great.  BUT, I didn't want them to go.  I had enjoyed them being with me, and now I was on my own.

I am truly blessed and thankful for all Erin has done for and with Micah.  They already have such a wonderful relationship and such a strong bond.  His face lights up whenever he sees her or hears her voice. He loves her and you can tell just by the way he looks at her.  While I don't always enjoy the high pitch squeals she teaches him, I couldn't ask for a better Aunt for my son.  To this day when she visits, she sleeps in his room and WANTS nighttime duty, and even though she is on vacation (you know the thing you go on to relax), she wants to spend her time with him.

I've joked many times, but I think it's true....he is the #1 man in her life, and he's happy to have to role (and I don't think he'll give it up to ANYONE!) Auntie, Micah J loves you  (Erin thank you for all you do for him!)

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