Monday, April 11, 2011

Bringing Home Baby

After spending days in the hospital it was finally time to head home. Yes, I said HOME. It was admitted on Monday morning and by Friday afternoon I was finally FREE!!!! To this day I don't know how I did it, but I climbed in the back of our 2 door Civic and sat next to Micah the whole way home (now just a recap...I had a c-section and thought this was a good idea), well needless to say getting out to a bit of work but I made it.

That trip home was the scariest, most exhilarating trip of my life. Every car that passed made me cringe and as we got closer to home, I kept thinking finally. It didn't help that I knew my dad and Erin would be getting to my house just hours after we got home.  I was so excited to show off my baby to my family, and I knew they were excited to meet him.  At the same time I knew how hard this was going to be without my mom there....but that is sometimes how life goes (and a whole other post all on its own!)

Upon arriving home I was overcome as we walked in the door, just us three for the first time.  It really is a feeling that you can't explain unless you've experienced it yourself. There are so many emotions that run through you.  Happy, scared, excited, nervous, relieved, anxious, energetic & tired...all at the same time!!!   We had just a few guests once we got home, and I of course changed Micah into some cute pjs (ok, let me be serious. I was told I was having jumbo baby so I bought a 0-3 month outfit to wear home.  Well, I had peanut baby so he was SWIMMING in it.  Needless to say he was wearing newborn clothes, so yes I had to change him into something that fit.) 

While waiting for my dad and Erin, Chuck and I enjoyed our first moments home together.  We feed him, burped and changed diapers.  I was on cloud nine (I think Chuck could have done without the diapers!!)  Then I got the phone call "we're here!"  I jumped up (as fast as someone who just had a c-section could) and they came.  Now, for you who don't know me, my dad NEVER had boys....he was the lucky father to 3 girls and a beautiful granddaughter, Micah was the first boy!!  My dad finally had his fishing buddy, and they were friends from the start.  

My first couple hours at home were going great....and they were only getting better!

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