Thursday, October 13, 2011

While I've been gone....

So it's been awhile...sorry! Life is crazy and when the summer hit and Micah and I had our husband/daddy back we took it and enjoyed each other. Since the last time I wrote Micah has grown and changes so much. He's now 18 months old, talking up a storm and what I like to call Mr. Independent.

Micah has had his 1st and 2nd sleep over....mommy doesn't like them but Micah does!! He helps to get himself dressed, walks up and down the stairs, helps get his bath ready and picks out what he wants to buy/ wear!!!

We just had Micah's teacher conference and he's right on track if not ahead of others his age. His teacher believes we will be holding conversations (that make sense) by January. Each day we get more and more 2-3 word sentences! It's so exciting to finally start to understand what he's thinking.

Life is getting more exciting by the day and now that the school year has started again (which means lots of night time meetings for my other half) I will have plenty of time to keep up on the life of Micah!!!

Get ready to laugh, cry and just be amazed!!

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