Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The World According to Micah

Since that first little word "Dada" (fyi...it still bothers me that he didn't say mama first) Micah has simply amazed me at what he says.  Now that we can get more than a word or two out at the same time life has become funny!  For a short time all you would hear at our house was "Mommy, Daddy" "a apple" "a book" and I found the humor in that (mainly because he would try to feed his father the apple, and for anyone that knows Chuck you know this did not end well!). 

We have been working on the 3-4 word sentences and also working on MANNERS!  The funniest thing with this, is that he repeats you, so if you want him to say Please, you say PLEASE, if you give something and you would like him to say thank you, you need to say THANK YOU!  Well last night I got the best gift.  I put Micah's dinner down in front of him, and sat down to eat.  Before I could even begin he looked at me and said "Thank you mommy".  Melt my heart <3

Some of my other favorite phrases right now are "that bunny" (that's funny), "no, daddy bed" (yes, this is where he believes daddy is everytime he wakes up from bed or a nap), "no way" and "a manny" (fruit snacks).  However, the phrase that we hear the most is "OWEN".....

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