Wednesday, April 6, 2011

True love at first snuggle

After 9 months and 24+ hours of labor I was ready for my sweet, handsome little boy to be put in my arms. HOWEVER do you think it was that! After a c-section you go to recovery for about an hour. Well after my c-section my blood pressure was high and I spiked a fever. When I got to my room I was ready for Micah to be brought to me, and to finally get to hold my baby. Well, because of my fever that was a big, fat NO! Chuck unfortunately had to give me the news, I was so upset all I could do was cry. I had waited so long to hold him, and now he was here and I couldn't even see him.

I know everyone thinks that they have the best husband, but my husband takes that award hands down. We asked the nurse how often she would take my temp and she said every hour, we asked if she could do it every 20-30 minutes and we were told "well the doctor didn't put that in the notes, so we'll see". At this point it was time for Micah to eat so I sent Chuck upstairs to feed him. The mommy and baby nurse assigned to us asked how I was doing and Chuck told her about my temp and what the nurse said. This wonderful women called straight down and said they needed to take my temp, well it was NORMAL!!! All of a sudden in comes the nurse, Chuck and MICAH!! As soon as Chuck heard my temp had gone down he asked the nurses to get Micah ready to go see his mommy!

I had Micah at 8:14 pm and at 2 am Micah and mommy got to snuggle for the very first time! Life was finally complete...Mommy, Daddy & Micah were all together
 Our first picture together

My handsome boy 


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